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Your water service can be one of the most frustrating utility bills in your household. Any number of problems can result in a monthly increase, and unless it’s over a prolonged period of time, the source can be tough to identify. While it’s commonly accepted that your water bill will fluctuate throughout the year, a steady increase can not only be the sign of a problem, but cost you quite a bit of money if left unchecked. If your water bill is on the rise, call Charlotte Plumbing to see if you might need a water main repair.

The Importance of Water Main Repair in Charlotte

Water main leaks are hard to identify to the untrained professional – they generally occur underground on your property, or even inside your home, meaning that you’ll need to invest in construction costs just to locate the problem. Furthermore, damaged water main can result in:

  • Mold, rust and mildew buildup
  • Costly sinkholes, floods or water damage
  • A contaminated water supply
  • Problems elsewhere in your plumbing network
  • Dangerous water pressure levels

When you trust Charlotte Plumbing with your home’s water main repair, we’ll use the latest, minimally invasive technology to identify, replace repair your water main. In the case of dangerous pressure levels, we can even install pressure-reduction valves to keep you safe, save money and protect your investments. Charlotte Plumbing’s experienced & certified plumbers have decades of combined experience repairing every type of water main imaginable. With a Charlotte water main repair, you can always expect

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