Water Heater Installation

What a Charlotte Plumbing Water Heater Installation Mean

Over the years, Charlotte Plumbing has installed thousands of water heaters, and there has been a steady decline in the amount of time that new water heaters last. Instead of the 15-25 year life span expected, today’s units generally only last on average of 10 years. This is due to both the increased usage of hot water in the home, as well as amateur installation that sacrifices efficiency and proper function. There are many options when faced with water heater service.

At Charlotte Plumbing, you can expect an expert technician that not only knows how to install all types of water heaters properly, but how they work in conjunction with the other systems in your home.

  • A wide range of products and types
  • Job completed up to safety & code standards
  • Latest technology for maximum efficiency
  • Long-lasting, guaranteed equipment & labor

Charlotte’s Number One Source for Water Heater Services

No matter the type or size of the job, you can trust Charlotte Plumbing to get the job done right the first time. When you call or schedule online, you can expect your water heater installed or repaired in no time, bringing:

  • Up-front pricing
  • A visit from a licensed & certified professional
  • A clean & safe work environment
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • 00% guaranteed satisfaction on parts & labor

All of our certified, licensed & trained professionals ensure that you will receive the highest quality water heater service. By ensuring that your project exceeds the standards set by state and local codes, you’ll be sure to save not only on costly future repairs, but on your utility bills for years to come. Contact us or call (704) 684-4664 to talk to an experienced Charlotte water heater technician today!

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