Enjoy The Many Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Regardless of the type of water heater in your home, the desired result is always the same: hot water on demand, and for as long as it’s needed. Charlotte Plumbing brings their excellent customer service directly into your home by introducing a tankless water heater installation option in your home, which can give you not only hot water, but a wealth of benefits, such as:


A tankless water heater can actually last up to twice as long as standard and other heater types,  and that’s all due to the fact that there are fewer moving parts. Add in Charlotte Plumbing’s unmatched service and product warranties, and you’ll have a solution you can rely upon for years.

Cleanliness and Security

Without the storage of water in a tank, there is no risk of contamination or leaks. In addition, a tankless heater can prevent scalding water from ever reaching your fixtures, to avoid burns. Their simple designs are easy to clean and operate, making for an unparalleled experience.

Utility Savings and Energy Efficiency

Customers who use tankless water heaters can save close to 50% more on their utility bills compared to gas or electric water heaters. You’ll also be reducing the amount of energy your home consumes, meaning your carbon footprint will be minimized.

Convenience and Comfort

Without a limited reservoir, you won’t have to compromise or rush your family along just to get a hot shower in the morning. In addition, fewer moving parts and lack of a tank means more elegant design and installation options, as they can be mounted on walls or installed just about anywhere in or around your home.

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